Alfreda Okeke: I want Stephanie Okereke to Wear My Designs


alfredaFast rising actress and beauty queen, Alfreda Okeke shares her experiences at the just concluded Most Beautiful Face of Delta beauty pageant, her ambitions as a queen, her inspiration, her acting goals and most of all, her relationship issues. You can’t get enough of this damsel. Read on.

Can we meet you?
Thank you for having me. My Name is Queen Alfreda Okeke, I hail from the Eastern part of Nigeria, Imo State to be precised. I am from a family of seven_six girls and a boy I happen to be the fifth child . I was raised by my Father, I lost my Mother at a very tender age. And yes I have a very beautiful background and loved by many; my dad my hero, my brother, my prince in shinning armor and my sisters, my mother reincarnated.

How did modelling begin for you? Have you tried your hands at other things before settling for this, or you have always wanted to be a beauty queen.
Awwww Modelling! It began in my room with my Mirror Stand..smiles. God is a great Artist I must say. I have always wanted to be a Queen. I have tried my hands on Dancing, Red carpet hosting, and they all worked out perfectly well – yes I am Talented.*Yay!. As for Acting, I am still on it. It remains my first career choice because I was born for it. I have starred in majority of Snow-berry and Stampede films and also worked with Timi Pudie from South Africa. Movies I have featured in includes Undaunted, Thao, Zainanie, and “Forgive me” by Timi Pudie which is currently in for the Afriff Award.
PageantWhat valuable experiences did you gather on your way to victory at the pageant?
Woo-oh! I got lots of experience from the just concluded Most Beautiful Face in Delta State, though I did not win the competition, I came out Second runner up and I was awarded Miss Peace Ambassador 2015 and am so grateful to God. Amongst 20 Beautiful, determined and intelligent Ladies, I dared to stand out! I learnt to adapt to a given environment, to associate with different personalities, most of all my self confidence and self-belief grew from 40% to 99.9%. Thanks to the C.E.O of MBFD, Miss Joy Osusu.

Did you have any sponsors/support for this pageant?
Yes I had lots of people who believed in me and supported me all the way. Friends and family and the Delta Rebirth Initiative members; they were so supportive. Thanks again to everyone of them, I am most grateful.

What are your immediate and long term plans as a BEAUTY QUEEN?
My immediate plans; currently I have two Crowns..smiles.(grateful to my God). MBFD Miss Peace Ambassador 2015 and I was also crowned Face of DELTA REBIRTH INITIATIVE 2015 Under His Excellency Dr Ifeanyi Okowa (Executive Governor,Delta state) Administration. I intend to reach out to 20 Determined Ladies. I desire the “Vital few and not the trivial many” who are passionate about a complete exquisite fashion. I want make a great female entrepreneurs out of them that will stand the test of time.

Are you in a relationship? If no, are you willing to get into one anytime soon?
Omg…Emmm…okay. Technically, I am single but my heart is taken by someone I can’t call my own. But in no time I will move on because nothing is as painful as staying stuck in a place you don’t belong.

What inspires you, as a model? Do you have any role models or modelling figures you look forward to?
Seeing other models like super model Oluchi Onwegba who are impacting in the lives of others positively inspires me greatly to do more and get better!
Alfreda crowned
What is your biggest dream as a model?
My biggest dream as a Model is to be a role model, and to also have my own clothing line, with the aim to have great personalities wear my designs. Imagine asking Stephanie Okereke Linus what she is wearing? and she says ‘oh am wearing Alfreda Alfri’. Lol yes I already have a name for my Cloth line *winks*
Of all the Tops names why Stephanie Linus Okereke?
I knew you were going to ask that. question. Okay I’ll gladly say she so inspires me a lot and i see myself in her. Not because people say we have have striking resemblance but because I love her personality and I believe she is a living legend and one big figure I look up to every minute of my life.

Your favorite quote(s)
My favorite quotes and sayings are ” Live and Let Live”, “I was not born to Fit in, I was born to stand out” and “Life is to tall to live short”.


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