• Brymo – Albums Must Stop Selling for N150


    Gifted singer Brymo stopped by Pulse Nigeria to talk about his “Klitoris” album among other things.

    On reception of the album, the singer notes that it’s been good, and he’s happy about it.

    He also talks on his album recording process, performance culture in Nigeria, his take on international recording deals.

    The singer believes though it’s good to expand your music across the shores, the international market is not really ours to chase, instead major attention should be directed to home.

    On the Chocolate City Music departure, the singer says it has been a learning experience for him “Everything is really in the past, so you won’t want to repeat the patterns that got you to that point ever again, you want to be free from that experience and use the lesson you learnt from it, so that’s what I’m pretty much doing.”

    Brymo also had strong opinions about how the legacy of Fela is being celebrated.

    Watch interview to find out more:


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