• VIDEO: Lulu Diva – Utamu

    Artist extraordinaire Lulu Abbas popularly known as Lulu Diva is a vivacious woman living in her early 20’s pursuing music and having fun and is viewed by many as the most beautiful and attractive artist in East Africa.

    Lulu launched her career in music 2016 years after successfully having launched her career a top contestant on Miss Tanzania and actress having featured in ground breaking movies.

    Last year she decided to pursue her 1st love “music” I have always wanted to do music from way back in the days, in school and performing at social gatherings to friends and family.

    She dropped her first studio single last year titled “Milele” featuring Barnaba a wondrous music that talks loftily of the wonders of staying together in love, she followed up with Usimwache which also has rich contents and lyrics

    Here’s her most recent work titled “Utamu” produced by Abydad and visuals by Hanscana. Lulu calls her style of music “High-life music” a style redolent of the rich West African vibes, the instruments, the beats and the vocals.

    DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Lulu Diva – Utamu

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