DTV Bytes: How I Met And Fell In Love With Uche Jombo – Kenny Rodriguez Opens Up


Some keep saying they believe Mr Rodriguez is living off Nollywood actress Uche Jombo, but Mr Kenny Rodriguez says they are together because they love each other.

Rodriguez has revealed how he met the
Nollywood star and fell in love with her.

    “My first opportunity to meet Uche was through my close Nigerian friend for the purpose of a possible business together since Uche was a telecoms
    ambassador and in the US I run a communications company. But along the line I discovered she was passionate about making movies and was very
    hardworking. She gave me an opportunity to learn about her work, and I took advantage of that,”

Rodriguez told City People.

    “It was easy to fall in love with her. I’m glad she choose me. I am happy we are together.
    Being married to her is unbelievable. She’s a woman of class, independent, strong, bold, sincere, beautiful and a star.”

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