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DTV Bytes: How To Meet Your Ideal Woman Online


If you’re flirting with a new online interest, ask her out on a date sooner rather than later.

Although online dating may seem like a
quick fix for finding your ideal “type”, new research shows that upon meeting in person your online chemistry may mean nothing.

Even if an individual has a set list of pre determined ideals in mind, those same ideals won’t matter once they actually meet in person.

So what gives? If everything appears picture perfect on paper, how can it go downhill in person?
Simple: It all boils down to one-on-one contact.
Personal interaction matters-big time
Someone could be everything you wanted on paper, but there is still that face-to-face meeting that can make or break attraction and chemistry.

And that’s especially true for men: Men experienced higher levels of homophily (basically, the tendency to bond with others) and interpersonal attraction upon
meeting in person.

So are we saying online dating never works? On the contrary-it’s a great way to initiate interaction. But there comes a time where mere descriptions of her “great sense of humor” and “charming smile” won’t cut it anymore.

So when is the best time to step outside the virtual box and meet up with your current interest? Experts suggest after about 1-2 weeks of emailing (or chatting). That way if there’s no chemistry face to face, you’ll find out sooner rather than wasting time.


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