• DTV Bytes: " If You Want To Feel Like A Virgin Again, You Need Vagina Reconstruction" – Modupe Ozolua

    Modupe Ozolua is the pioneer of cosmetic surgery in Nigeria and CEO of Body Enhancement Limited. She said  every woman who has given birth or has had sexual intercourse at some point would need vagina


    “As long as women have vaginal birth, as long as they have intercourse, and as long as they age, at some point in time, they would need reconstruction.

    I’m not encouraging every woman to do it, just those who feel they need it or if their gynecologist advises them to do it. But women need to know that vagina reconstruction is different from vagina tightening.

    If you want to feel like a virgin again, I would ask you to see a gynecologist who will repair the appropriate muscles. Vagina reconstruction is different from going in and repairing whatever to restore virginity.” say Modupe.

    Also known as “Vaginoplasty”, this is a reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure for the vaginal canal and its mucous membrane. A lot of women do it to tighten the walls of their vagina after childbirth or other reasons.

    Do you agree with Modupe Ozolua’s Vagina advice or do you think she’s just trying to advertise her products?

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