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DTV Bytes: Ladies Gave me Panties, Bras – Lynxxx


It is no news that ladies love rapper, Lynxxx.
He told Saturday Beats that the reason was that many of his fans are ladies. He stated that he was aware that he was referred to as ‘ladies man.’

    “I am aware that they refer to me as the ladies man’. I think the reason behind that is the brand that I have created for myself. It is the brand that I came out with and maintained. I think it is the reason they label me with that. The core of my fans is actually ladies because I make songs for them.

    I have been coping with all the craziest of the
    ladies by the grace of God. My goal is always to
    remain focused. Ladies have done a lot of crazy
    things to me. Most times, when I am out of Lagos
    to perform, the ladies always find my room and
    leave certain items outside my door. I have got all
    kinds of items -shirts, panties, bras – name it,”

he said.

Not too pleased with the delays of flight by Nigerian airlines, the rapper expressed his disappointment.

    “The delay by Nigerian airlines affects us a lot. It is not funny because we fly a lot. On Valentines Day, I was in Benin performing. I had a 7.30 am flight. I left my house. We did not fly till about 1pm. It is tiring; when you wake that early, you expect to get the job done and rest. It gets frustrating; I just hope they get their acts together.”

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