DTV Bytes: Tips to Start Your Own Music Band by Naijadebayo


How to start ur music band

1. Find Members Who Like The Type of Music You Want To Play –
In order to make passionate things you and your band members have to share the same passions when it comes to music. Thus is important so as to keep it consistent and produce quality music as everyone will be happy with the music you play.
Apart from tastes, make sure that the new band-members that join in are good musicians and already play good music on their own. If you’re looking for a singer make sure you do a great deal of tryouts since the vocals of a group can determine your band’s success; so the person you choose must not only have a great voice, but also stage-presence to captivate your public.

2. Decide What Will Be Your Band’s Name –
This is the fun part of starting a band. However, it’s also very serious matter, as your name will determine your image for the rest of the years to come. Indeed, it will be like some sort of “business card” and will have to be able to convey your music and your personality properly.
It’s also vital to have a logo to go with your band name, since in many cases it will substitute the name of your band.

3. Find The Equipment You Need –
One of the most common problems is that music equipment is quite expensive, especially when it comes to amplifiers, microphones and pedals.
There are two ways of resolving this issue: one of them is asking each member of the band to bring their own equipment, and another one is putting money all together to buy whatever you need.
In any case, the best thing to do is to buy second hand music equipment to start with and once you begin earning some money you can slowly start buying new high-quality stuff.

4. Find A Place To Rehearse, A Schedule AND Practice A Lot –
If you don’t have a place where to practice and you are not constant with your practicing, then it’s pointless to start a band.
The perfect practicing place has to be easily accessible by all the band members, must have sound isolation in order to not disturb people living nearby, have enough space for your band to play comfortably and adequately ventilated.
A good thing to do is to record yourselves and ask to be online so people get to know you, and once you’re out there start looking for gigs.

5. Look For Places Where To Perform –
This is the last step, it’s not less important since it’s vital in order to keep your band motivated and continue to practice.
You should start looking for gigs as soon as possible, asking local bars and pubs as well as small theaters. Don’t expect to get payed the first times you perform, but remember that if you bring enough people to watch you and they enjoy it, don’t worry because they’ll ask you to perform again.

Although it might sound like something easy it actually takes some time in order to build your road to success. The important thing is to not loose the spirit and the passion to continue to play the music you love, and once you start getting your own followers it’ll be a matter of time before you’re on the top list of music hits.

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