DTV Bytes: Ukwu Benda's Bendress of the Month (@UkwuBenda)


Ladies!!! Ladies!! Ladies! The search for the
“UkwuBenda’s BENDRESS OF THE MONTH” has began on
All you have to do now is send your photos to the mail given to you below + follow @UkwuBenda on twitter for your updates and infos, also tell your friends and others about this.

Five(5) contestants will arise to be voted for each month on and the contestant wit the highest vote becomes the “UkwuBenda’s Bendress of the Month”..
(its all up to you and your voters)

The contest is just a photo battle and you have to be voted for, who so ever gathers the highest vote by the people before the end of the month gets to be the “UkwuBenda’s Bendress of the Month” + there are benefits attached to becoming the winner.

Its simple, just ur photos will do the magic, it should speak for itself.
You just have to take good studio photo shots, must be in your best hott looks
Six different photos will be needed to qualify you for this contest..

    1) A photo of you on COOPERATE
    2) A photo of you on BIKINI
    3) A photo of you on DINNER GOWN
    4) A photo of u on your SOCIAL OUTING WEAR (hot)
    5) A photo of u on NATIVE WEAR
    6) A facial photo of u without makeup(natural look)

N/B: All photos must be in Digital format (high resolution of at least [250mb and above]) and sent to the mail. Photos must be shot clean (pls no designs behind and pls mobile phone shots are not accepted), + you must be on your best and sexiest looks + all photos must be showing your face and your outfit(what your wearin) more.

All photos must be mailed to:

BIO, Contact & Info:
1) Your names?
2) Pls drop all ur contacts – (Twitter handle, facebook name, Phone Number, Bbm contact pin, etc).
3) Your state of origin + village ?
4) Your likes and dislikes ?
5) What turns u ON and OFF ?
6) Your school/dept/level (if u are) ?
7) Favourite meal ?
8) Describe your dream man in few words..
9) If u’ve eva had a 1st kiss – how was it?
10) If u’ve bin kissed publicly b4 – how it was?.
11) What is the craziest n naughiest thing you’ve ever done, and wish for an opportunity to do it again?
All info must be mailed to:

1) Your photos will be designed by my graphik designers.

2) Photo will be used as wallpaper for the month.

3)Your photo will be exhibited on bendress of the month exhibition slide bar.

4) Your photo will be featured on thirty(30) different sites.

5) An airtime of N1000 will be sent to u (any network of your choosing)

..if you think you’ve got what it takes + You can bend well, then show me.

All mattas must be mailed to:

1.) “BEND DOWN” by Lamili ft. Maxi (prod by J’Cin)

2.) “SUGARCANE” by J’Lar ft. CjMama (prod by Jaming 2jo)

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AW Concept
ClosedBox Ent.
Ruff-Iconz films
Hurikane Media

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