DTV Exclusive Video: Uti Nwachukwu and Bukky Wright get hot in ‘Red Hot’



Multiple Awards Winning Director “Teco Benson” is out with another blockbuster ‘Red Hot’. Teco Benson is one of the best Nollywood Directors who has so many amazing movies to his credit. Teco’s list of Movies include State of Emergency, Formidable force, Terror, False Alarm, Mission to Nowhere, War front, Board Day light, Explosion, Executive Crime, Wasted years  and so many others.“Red hot” is a romantic movie which featured Uti Nwachukwu, Bukky wright, Bimbo Manuel, Akin Lewis  and others. According to the  Teco Benson, this is one of those movies he assuredly puts his name and signature on.

“Red Hot’ is the kind of movie, which  leaves the viewer under suspense. Is a movie nobody will regret watching. This movie is definitely not one of those Nigeria movies that from the beginning, you know the end.
The casting is tight. Not the  Usual Stereotyping. Actors Delivered and the Director proved himself.  Uti Nwachukwu , Bukky Wright, Bimbo Manuel, Akin Lewis, etc  are  trusted hands in the Game. Script by a foremost Author and Novelist, Sinmisola Ogunyinka .
I don’t know how to blow my trumpet, but I can assure you ‘Red Hot’ is a most watch movie, is a movie you will not regret watching. A movie full of suspense!
The movie  is  hitting Cinemas soon. More updates about the premiere coming soon.
SYNOPSIS (Summary)
Red-hot is the story of Kofo, a beautiful Nigerian lady married to an extremely affluent husband. She seems to have all the good things of life at her disposal, but the absence of a child in the over ten year marriage seems to have left emptiness in her, leaving her frustrated. To worsen her situation, medical research puts the blame on her husband who has suffered some fertility challenge, absolving her of any complicity. This discovery soon gets her thinking. Out of frustration and desperation she hatches a plan in consonance with her friend, Princess which brings Freddie into the picture. A fantasy world is unleashed, and a heavenly pleasure never seen before takes centre stage. Just at the peak of this new found solution, some crisis erupts, leading to one disaster to the other. She is caught in a web, and there seems to be no escape route. It is mind-blowing.

Finally, the full Trailer of RED HOT as released today by TECO BENSON) that’s the information about the trailer on youtube.



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