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    Ogungbe Taiwo prevalently branded as ATM, he is one of the fastest escalating up and coming Nigerian artiste who has been on the block for many years. ATM, having released his last singles, which were produced by famous hit maker -D’Tunez talks about his new single ‘Confirm’ which is due for release in a matter of days.
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     Can We Meet You?
    I am 24 year old Ogungbe Taiwo Azeez, from Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria. I am from a family of nine and the second to the last child. I grew up in Ogun State where I attended ma SSCE, I studied Mass Communication in Lagos State Polytechnic where I did my OND. I am a very social guy who loves to be around ladies. I am quiet guy; so also, I love everything that has to do with entertainment, especially in the music scene. From my name Taiwo which makes me a twin, but unfortunately, I lost my twin sister in 2011.What’s your stage name?
    My stage name is ATM

    What does ATM means?
    ATM represents money. But to my music style, ATM means Any Time Music, All my life is about music, Music is my food. Everything about me signifies music.

    How did you originate the name ATM?

    You know everybody loves something that can be associated with money. I chose the name from that perspective and from the zeal I have for music. It’s a name that rings bell in the world.
    So, anytime, anywhere for me, its music.Music is your food? Tell us about your music background
    Yes, it is. Wow.. I started music when I was very young then; I used to mime songs in schools, ranging from hip-hop to Fuji in the days of plantashun boiz. Usher Raymond was my favorite artiste back then, since then people have been telling me I have great voice.
    I don’t write songs because I was still at a very tender age.
    However, I started recording as a professional artiste in 2008 with my group.

    How has the journey been so far? 2008 till now
    Wow.. It’s been great. I have been to shows, concerts across the country.  I have had great performances in almost all the states in Nigeria with my group.
    I started my solo career in late 2012.

    How Many tracks do you have now?
    I am working on a new track now, titled ‘Confirm’ and I still have songs like keeponwe and my brother’s wife being listened to by all and sundry, the tracks were produced by D’Tunez in 2011

    Let’s talk about the track you working on now ‘Confirm’

    Confirm is a very unique song, it has different tunes, it’s a club song which has street credibility.
    The song is an afro pop blended with makossa gyration.
    It’s a party rock track. It’s a song that expresses my feelings for beautiful ladies like a normal man would do. The song also tells if someone or something is real or not
    Like if I ask you if you are confirm or not?
    Because I am confirm, I tell you, the track confirm is confirm.

    What inspired ‘Confirm’?
    God inspired it because that day, I didn’t prepare for it, I just got to the studio and I told my producer, I want to have fun, that was how it started, it’s a freestyle song, not written at all.When are you dropping it officially?
    This weekend by God grace, we don’t want to waste time on it because some DJs are already requesting for it.

    How do you relate with the renowned artistes in the industry?
    Hmmm.. I respect them for whom they are because they are like ladder to us.
    Who are your mentors in the industry?
    Everyone doing good music.If not music, what would your other option be?

    Do you have passion for football like music?
    Yea but music has taken it all
    I dwell more on entertainment now

    As an Up Coming artiste, what can you say about the Nigeria Entertainment Industry?

    The industry is growing everyday but only that its lacking creativity. That’s why am coming with something different.
    When Sheyman heard ‘Confirm’, he said ATM this kind of song is missing in the industry and lot of industry people told me the same
    Most artiste that comes out now do almost the same thing, yet we have some creative ability underground, many on the street. This is because most Nigerians just want to dance, as a result of this, all we do now is happy people music and it has not really helped the real talents. we just have to do happy people music just to make them happy. However, we have great artiste and great sounds.

    So, what will you advice the artiste wanting to do great music like you despite the threat of the ‘Happy People Music’?

    Hmm my advice is that as we want to make people happy we should endeavor to do good music that will also touch the lives of people in positive ways. Like me, I don’t limit myself, I am versatile, I can make people cry through my music and I can also make people laugh because music is powerful. It can heal or wound soul.

    How do you manage your PR and Publicity profession with your music career?
    It has been very easy for me because they all work together for good. But soon I will face music squarely.

    To cap it all, where do you see yourself in the industry years to come?
    I see myself growing and being some people’s mentor in the industry, by the grace of God, because nothing can be done without God.

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