DTV Interview: Did Flavour really threaten Rydda with a law suit?


Recently a rumor cum news has been going viral online that afro beat/high life singer Mr Flavour Chinedu Okoli (@2niteflavour) has threatened to sue his colleague Rydda Awadike Daniel(@Ryddadaniel) with a law suit over Confession (chinny baby cover). Rydda who is accused of stealing the instrumental rhythm and rhyme of the instrumental has this to say when Jennifer Nzom cutemuzic reporter approached him…

J: Nice meeting you Mr Rydda, I do love to have a little chat with you?

R: You are welcome

J: What’s d latest thing you have for us?

R: I dropped a cool love track recently online titled “Confession”(Chinny Baby Cover) for my fans..

J: What do u mean by “Chinny Baby” cover?

R: Ok, the original  song “Chinny Baby” was sang by my big bro and Mentor Flavour N’abania..I had to record on the beat of the song and titled mine “confession” and that’s why its called a ‘cover’ song

J: You said flavour is your brother, you mean musically or ?

R: Musically yes and also we are from same Local Government Area in Anambra State; Orumba to be precise.

J: What’s your say on this news and rumour going viral online and newspaper pages about you and Mr Flavour, that he is threatening to sue u for pirating his song?

R: **Clears throat** I had no idea about this until on 7th may when I came back to the country with my Management ,we started hearing news about the alleged law suit,fans and friends calling to confirm from

J: So how true is the rumor?

R: At the moment I can’t really say because we are yet to hear or receive any Law suit from Mr Flavour.

J: Most people said that they thought Mr Flavour was in the track because in the introduction you mentioned his name..why was it so?

R: Yeah I  made a shout out to him on the introduction of the song.. It’s a way to show respect and acknowledge him as the owner of the instrumental I used for my song.

J: Don’t you think it is  because of the name mentioned he think you are using it to deceive the  people to think he is in the track, that raise this issue of law suit?

R: Hmm I am not sure about that

J: From information gathered your fans are really scared..what’s your word for them?

R:They shouldn’t be scared for any reason..My management is making necessary steps to sort things out with Flavour’s Management.. I love my fans and will always make them proud..I think that’s what matters

J: thanks for your time Rydda

R: God bless


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