• DTV Interview: Meet Arewa Customs

    halla arewaArewa customs is an auto tuning company based out of Kaduna state Nigeria. If you haven’t heard of them by now, I am inclined to ask you… ‘Where have you been?’ Not to worry, we are about to tell you…

    Indeed it would seem that one no longer has to look to MTV to see ‘pimped’ out rides. We can now see them right here in our front yard and not have to pay SO much to have ours done as These young men are responsible for thrilling and absolutely fantastic custom designs of both cars and bikes all over the country.

    We had a little chat with them, find out more…


    –> Hello! Could you please Tell us how it all began?

    The dream began way back in 2009 through the love of video games, ‘Need For Speed’ to be precise.. when we made up our mind to create a design based on it. Yeah, actually we had pictures and we saw the designs then #Gbam! We decided to do it. We decided to purchase materials and produce designs ourselves rather than go get ready made ones at a high price and started pimping cars.
    Through creativity, and us being architects and pimped cars enthusiasts, there’s this vision of if we can with buildings, why not cars?? …Simply, that was how it began.

    –>Nice, I love cars and video games too especially when you put them together but what were the challenges faced when u started?

    Primarily, when we started, like any other business the main challenge was finance. Till now sef! Hehehe.. Yeah, finance has been the major challenge because most of the parts that are being used are very expensive.

    Another challenge was in getting the right car parts needed within a short time frame.. And u know some of these parts have to be ordered and shipped. And before they come in, they take nothing less than a month. And when u have clients that are ‘pressed’, it is a serious issue. And take for example, lamborghini door hinges; it costs almost N350,000.. if a client needs such and the deposit is not that much, where will you get the money to import?? You see, such challenges! For a job to be done, u don’t expect a client to pay in full before the job is completed; there’ll be a deposit, then final payment when the job is done.
    Eventually, all I can say on challenges when we started, was the support we couldn’t get at first. People, friends, the public looked down on us. Some even saw us as ‘crazy’, and all sorts; we can’t go anywhere with such biz. As in!!.. Thank God we kept our head up and continued. Right now, from how far we’ve gone, our works, focus, Alhamdulillah.. The support is unbelievable.

    –>Client base (where your clients are located)

    Basically, even from our brand name ‘Arewa’ (North), we started in Kaduna, most of our clients are up here from most of the states. But from what people have seen through our works that have gone down south by those who traveled et al, and the help of social networks, we now have clients from all over. Arewa Customs is for everyone. There’s a time a friend in Bayelsa was even saying ‘arewa! arewa! arewa!.. we only pimp rides for our people ba?’ lol.. i explained to him the name came up just because of where we are from, and how proud we are. Plus a great inspiration of the great Sardauna, nothing much.

    arewa pimp 220–>Tell us everything you do?

    We simply tune your vehicle to dance to your tune. We do car interiors, lamborghini doors, custom paint jobs, wheels (rims), and bikes tuning. Anything custom in relation to what you need.

    –>That’s cool, in naija!? Waow! What challenges do you face now?

    Ok, right now.. Aside finance like we said earlier, there is this challenge of trust. Even as we have a large following from all age groups and different classes of people, due to our relative youthfulness, many people are ‘scared’ of handing over their vehicles kind of. But some, when they check and inspect the vehicles we’ve worked on, and the satisfied clients, they get impressed and bring in the vehicles.

    –>Looking back, how do u feel?

    Anytime we look back, we find it hard to believe that we could get this far. We feel awesome! And this motivation keeps us going. Rides & pimping was more of a hobby, now its more of a profession, and right now it is our way of life.

    –>And your dream in the next few years?

    The whole arewa customs was a dream. In the next few years, we have a dream of setting up new creative workshops across the country, promoting the game of motorsports, establishing driving and safety schools, and organizing more motor events in the country. Yeah, more events et al, as we’ve been working with our great colleagues from the Darkknight Motorsports. With the work they are trying to put in now in the country on motorsports, future generations will have a solid foundation to build on. So also the capital car city entertainment, spirit on wheels, hydraulix, and Corsa MotorSprot.We have a dream!

    arewa guys–> Tell us a little about your team members?

    The main arewa customs team is made up of architects, self-disciplined professionals.. Mukhtar Hamza Makarfi, Muftahu Adamu Abdussalam both architecture students of KadPoly, and Ahmad Ishaq Musa Ningi, a postgraduate student of the school of architecture, ABU Zaria.
    In this biz of ours, we also consult other professionals in relation to their field to give out the best to our clients.

    Thank you very much for coming on our platform we wish you all the best.


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