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DTV News: Dencia Expresses Anger With Music Promoters on Twitter


Photo - Dencia Angry With Music Promoters
It was reported that Dencia does not seem happy at the moment because 2 music promoters asked her to pay huge amounts of money in order for her music to be promoted on air.

It was said that one producer asked her to pay $7000, while another asked $10,000 from her.

Here are the tweets that she posted on her Twitter page:

I really nid 2 knw how much American,French,british etc Artists pay tv & radio stations in Africa 2 play their stuff since the ask Us $$
— Dencia (@IamDencia) April 2, 2013

Such ridiculousness .. If artists don’t sing & shoot videos,u the radio & tv stations won’t have songs 2 play nor videos 2 play
— Dencia (@IamDencia) April 2, 2013

Artist pay 4 everything they do,bloggers,tv,radio,promoters etc feed off artists for free u gotta be considerate w demands & stories pls
— Dencia (@IamDencia) April 2, 2013

Anyways no be by force.No artist will openly say what I’m saying now but it’s the damn truth ..
— Dencia (@IamDencia) April 2, 2013

You tip people who put u on but people with such ridiculous demands nid a wake up slap upside down their damn head lol
— Dencia (@IamDencia) April 2, 2013

In the industry I’ve met people like @kazeempopoola who came all the way to my home & interviewed me,I gave him $$ 4 Gas he turned it down
— Dencia (@IamDencia) April 2, 2013

Now do u think @kazeempopoola doesn’t luv $$? He does he just knows better than being greedy & selfish.I have utmost respect 4 him
— Dencia (@IamDencia) April 2, 2013

So what happens to a talented artist who has no $$ to pay for their stuff 2 be on radio & tv? Waste of talent right?
— Dencia (@IamDencia) April 2, 2013


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