• DTV News: Everything Toni Payne Makes Stitcher Radio Top Podcast Worldwide List

    toni payne
    In its second week of airing, the hot new podcast show “Everything Toni Payne” is already topping major lists.
    The recent episode “The Naughty Side of Entertainment” made American based Stitcher Radio‘s top podcast list, coming in 4th place around the world, beating out shows like “One Run for Boston” and “Lodro Rinzler”.

    Hosted by the multi-functional entertainment diva, writer and poet, Toni Payne, Everything Toni Payne is a dynamic talk show that discusses a range of topics.
    The show brings on a Celebrity guest to chit chat about topics ranging from society, love fashion, beauty to inspirations, poetry and more.
    It also features a mid-show break that plays fresh music from around the world.

    Everything Toni Payne airs every Friday on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and more.

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