• DTV News: God Forbid That I Should Go Back To My Ex-Hubby – Monalisa Chinda

    No doubt, the world, especially her teeming fans are aware that their darling screen diva, Monalisa Chinda miraculously survived a five-year violent marriage that nearly claimed her precious life and that of her little daughter,Tamarlilly.

    It was with shock and a sense of outrage that Nigerians, especially her teeming fans received the unpleasant news of her crashed marriage in the morning of Sunday, August 30, 2009.

    Few months after the celebrated divorce, Dejo-Richards recently remarried, finally, closing the chapter of her life with Monalisa. On her part, Monalisa is moving on with her life, rising up the social ladder, getting busier by the day in her role as Glo Ambassador and of late, a movie producer.

    “No matter what happens life goes on,” she told Vanguard in a recent interview.

    “But my greatest joy and happiness is my little daughter, I call her angel Tamar. Waking up beside her every morning gives me extra joy and fulfillment. She’s my all in all.”

    Asked if she was ready to give marriage a try again after the first one hit the rock, ‘the Kiss and Tell actress’ said, “I would love to remarry. In fact, I’m designed to be under a man. I’m not going to lie about that. I like this ‘single mother nomenclature, but when there is no one at the moment, one is bound to get used to the situation. It’s not a ‘do- or -die affair’ because I have been there before, anything I’m going to do now,it has to be done right.”

    The actress is ready to move on with her life few years after her made-in-heaven marriage to Dejo Richards ended.

    Hear her, “I’m not in the school of thought, where the first one happened and perhaps, the second one. No, any bold step I have to take in settling down again, it has to be right. I’m not ready to make another mistake. But I will definitely remarry. I believe in the principles of marriage. Whether you like it or not, marriage is a better option.”

    On her alleged romance with Lagos big boy, Lanre Nzeribe and the pregnancy rumor which went viral on the blogsphere recently, Monalisa said, “Yes, there is a man in my life. It’s neither here nor there. I’m a lover and I love to love.

    But as you can see, I’m not pregnant. Naturally, I’m not pregnant for anybody.” She added.

    Asked if her daughter, Tamar is missing her father, the Glo Ambassador said, “She doesn’t know her father . She was barely a year when our marriage crashed. I think she will ask some day.”

    From every indication, there is no love between this queen of the screen and her estranged hubby. What if her ex wants to take her back? Hear her short, simple and straightforward answer? God forbid. He’s a closed chapter in my life.”


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