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DTV News: “Lesbianism has come to stay in Nollywood” – Actress Vivian Pius


Homosexuality is not a new orientation in Nigeria, for years young teenagers in college have experimented with the same sex but now more people are concerned about how popular it is in public.

Nollywood actress, Vivian Pius, recently said one of the places, being gay, lesbianism is particular is the norm is in the movie industry.

“Lesbianism has come to stay in Nollywood. Though it exists in other industries such as banking, medical and others, that of Nollywood is more open to the public because of who we are, as a society’s role models, she wad reported to have said in an interview while on the set of Simone’s Production in Festac, Lagos.

“It has come to be seen as a cartel where those who belong to a group find it easier getting movie roles. Some of them can even make you rich overnight beyond your expectation. Those who are in it and know their onions can tell you better.”

“They get the best of jobs and are richer driving in big cars and seeing at the best of places. The same thing goes for the homosexuals.”

“The industry has become what many of us never dreamed of, going the way of Hollywood and other European movie industries. It is also in Alaba International Market. They control the industry. It is all about packaging. But there is still hope that those who are not patronizing them will still make it in Nollywood,”


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