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DTV News: PDP Is Dead – Chief Tom Ikimi


Ahead of the 2015 election, Chairman of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Merger Committee, Chief Tom Ikimi has passed a verdict on the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), saying the PDP is dead.

The former foreign affairs minister said the new party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) would dislodge the PDP in the 2015 election, even as he stated that the moles alleged to have been planted in the APC by the PDP were not working.

The Oduma of Igueben added that it was a waste of time for the PDP to have planted moles in the APC, saying the parties involved in the merger were
making progress everyday.

There were indications last weekend that the presidency had planted moles within the newly formed merger party, with fingers pointing towards the direction of a former North-East governor in one of
the opposition parties. Speaking exclusively with Daily Sun, Ikimi said:

    “The moles apparently are not
    working or they are not succeeding if they are there because we are making progress everyday. “So, it is a waste of time.
    Why don’t they go and attend to their own problems, which are now so many and are getting worse and worse?”

he queried.
Asked if he believed that the APC would dislodge the PDP in the 2015 election, Ikimi said there was no question about that.
He said:

    “There is no question about that. PDP is finished, PDP is dead, the party has nothing to offer to Nigerians anymore. So, Nigerians want an alternative and it is very clear that the APC, as it stands today, is the only viable alternative that Nigerians would have.
    “And if you talk to anybody on the streets, they are all desperately waiting for APC to be established.”

On the fears in some quarters that the merger may or would not work, Ikimi, who asked those who harbour such notion if they didn’t have any other job to do, said

    “it may not work but it is working.”

According to Ikimi,

    “first of all, they said we will not start, we have started.
    They said we would not provide a name, they said we are going to crash with the issue of logo and we have passed through that. So, what is left now?”

he asked.

On the need to get the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) fully incorporated
into the merger, Ikimi said APGA is already in the merger.

According to Ikimi, “APGA has two governors. One of the governors is Okorocha of Imo State, the other governor is Peter Obi of Anambra State, who is almost at the tail end of his tenure. Okorocha is fully with us publicly and he has made a very strong statement about it.

    “So, APGA, I understand now, has no real leadership because of the problems they have in court.
    So, there is nobody you can really hold to say this is APGA or that is APGA. We have quite a sizeable portion of APGA and the process we have embarked upon, we can merge with parties, we can merge with individuals, we can merge with groups. If the dominant group of APGA is with us, that is good enough,”

Ikimi said.


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