• DTV Pic Story: Unclothed Picture Of Ini Edo In Bed

    Nollywood actress, Ini Edo is no doubt one of the best in her category. Though she has had to deal with some controversies as a public figure, but she has not stopped being who she is.


    When it comes to beauty, she is not lagging behind. No wonder she is regarded as ‘hot and sexy’ by some folks.

    Though a married woman, but that hasn’t also changed the fact that Ini Edo still commands a beauty that attracts many to her.

    The picture about is that of Ini Edo just in bed probably unclothed from her upper body region. The picture also shows the actress without the regular make-up a woman is expected to put on when she goes out for a function.

    It is very unclear what went on in the picture and its motive, but we will not want to delve into all that.

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