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    NANI BOIHe is the publisher of the famous Nani Boi Series used by school children all over Nigeria; a renowned philanthropist, movie writer, musician, presenter, producer, actor, etc. and presently the interim Chairman of PMAN, Enugu chapter.

    Known to be a distinguished and outstanding personality, Nani Boi has carved a niche for himself in the heart of both the great and small regardless of his background.

    It is often rumoured that if you need to penetrate the east in whatever way, be it education, politics, entertainment, business, etc. you need Nani Boi.

    Inside & About City Magazine had a chat with Nani Boi where he shed more light on his journey into becoming the well-respected figure that he is today and his flourishing relationship with E-Money and Kcee.

    Enjoy the excerpts below.

    Please introduce yourself to some of our readers yet to know who Nani Boi is?

    My name is Eze Nnaemeka Charles, better known as Nani Boi. I am from Orba, Enugu State. A geologist turned entertainer and entrepreneur… (Laughs)

    How did the name Nani Boi come about?

    A friend gave me the name when we were in primary school. He said I reminded him of an American rapper whose name sounded like mine. Though I gave it the spelling (Nani Boi) instead of Nanny Boy as most people write it.

    What has been your inspiration venturing into the different things you do?

    Transforming/Impacting lives and representing God through music, books, lifestyle and movies.

    How long have you been into all these especially writing?

    I would say since childhood because one of my bestselling books today was written around 1994 (Son of the Soil).

    You have written a good number of books, tell us about them?

    By the special grace of God, I have written and published over 46 books under Nani Boi Series and all of them are selling very well.
    Books like; “Mummy Why, Take Me Home, Daughters Of Zion, My One and Only, Cry A River, Face To Face, Son Of The Soil, Save The Virgin, Price Of Virginity, Last Born, Emotional Disaster, etc”. Right now, I am trying to adapt the books into movies.
    I just shot the first movie of one of my books titled ‘MUMMY WHY’ featuring Ernest Obi, Pete Edochie, Uche Ogbodo, Tony One Week, Jude Dawam, Harry B, Eve Obi, Nani Boi, etc.
    Produced by Nani Boi and directed by Ernest Obi. It is a unique family story I recommend for every family. It will be on sale before March next year.

    What was growing up like?

    Growing up was fun, even with the challenges of losing a father at the age of 4. I studied Geology against my dream to study Theatre Arts or Mass Communication just to satisfy the desire of my family. I had always wanted to be self-employed or an employer of labour but the dream was not encouraged by my people. In fact, what I went through to be where I am today is a story for another day but all thanks to God for His blessings. “It didn’t dey easy” (laughs).

    With your experience in writing for kids, access the present day child judging their intelligence, respect for elders and culture?

    Good and bad. Good because some of them know what we did not know at their age and bad because most of them have lost our value system.

    You run a program on Dream 92.5 FM Enugu, what is it about?

    It’s called “Ogabuagaa”, a sponsored radio program through which I educate and help the poor masses the best way I can. I am the sponsor and presenter of the program in my local Nsukka dialect. I have always been proud of my people and will do anything to help push them forward.

    What other forms are you using to educate the youths aside story books?

    Movies, my radio program, character and entrepreneurship training.

    As an artiste, who and who have you worked with, and who do you intend to work with?

    I have worked with Dekumzy, Mr. Raw, Kcee, Storm Rex, Slow Dogg, Sym 19, Ransome, J’dess etc. I am hoping to work with the entire Five Star artistes, Flavour and Iyanya. I can work with any other artistes sha if need be.

    In music, who is your biggest inspiration?

    Kcee!!! Because of his humility, hard work and generosity. I also have so much love and respect for Mr. Raw. He is a legend.

    Kcee gave you a shout out in one of his hit songs “Turn by Turn” and we are aware that E-Money, Kcee, etc. attended your wedding and Kcee equally performed, how did it all start with you and the Five Star music crew?

    My friend Soso Soberekon introduced me to Kcee, we became close friends because we have so many qualities in common. Kcee later took me to his brother E-money and introduced me to him as their brother from Enugu.
    E-money gave me a warm reception I never expected that day and has been treating me like a son ever since.
    He checks on me the way a father checks on his son to know how his family is doing. I am proud to be affiliated with him.

    You are a regular guest at the Five Star Mansion, are you having negotiations about a record deal?

    I am no longer a guest there; I am a member of Five Star Music, representing them in South East Nigeria. They are not friends, they are my family.

    A lot of artistes do hail E-money in their song yet little is known about E-money to the public, how is he like? Is he approachable or a pompous person judging from the kind of fame and fortune he commands?

    Emeka Okonkwo a.k.a E-money is the simplest and unarguably the most humble man I have ever met. For now, he is the only man I call my BOSS because of his unique qualities. He inspires me a lot and I thank God for connecting me to him. I wish most big men were like him.

    You command a lot of attention from several A-list celebrities, politicians, businessmen, etc. and have very strong relationship with them, how did you create such acquaintance?

    I respect them and equally respect myself when I meet them. Most times they reciprocate though some feel they will remain on top forever. I no send those ones who forget say life na ”TURN BY TURN” as Kcee sing for em song.

    If you are to be elected the governor of Enugu State, what is that particular thing you would like to change?

    CHANGE? Hmmm! Maybe I will change the way the youths are not carried along in government policies. I believe that once the youths are carried along accordingly, crime will reduce, a good number of the youths will be empowered and Enugu State will be better but thank God our Governor, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has good agenda for us.
    Our Hon. Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Charles Ndukwe is also packaging something big for all the Youths in Enugu. He is partnering with Start Up Hub owned by Chibuke Augene to make sure youths are empowered.

    What has been your best and worst moment?

    I take every moment as a lesson or a blessing. So, I give God the glory in every situation.

    Nice talking to you Mr. Nani Boi.

    Thank you Inside & About for the good work you guys are doing. Keep it up. I will recommend you meet my friend, Chibuike Aguene (CEO, Start Up Hub). His interview will help your readers a lot especially young entrepreneurs. Cheers.

    We definitely will in our subsequent editions. Thank you.

    You are welcome

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