EDITORIAL: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About G-WorldWide Entertainment


Here’s a list of things you may have or may not have known about Kiss Daniel and Sugarboy‘s home label “G-WorldWide Entertainment”.
G-WorldWide Entertainment

1.G-Worldwide Entertainment Popularity know as “GWW” was founded in 2007..

2. G-Worldwide started promoting talents in 2011 as a promotional company..

3. G-Worldwide was reformed as a recording company in 2013..

4. G-WorldWide was founded by Festus Ehimare popularly know as Emperor Geezy..

Emperor Geezy (Festus Ehimare)

Emperor Geezy (Festus Ehimare)

5. G-WorldWide started signing artist in 2014..

6. G-Worldwide Sign’s Kiss Daniel, Sugarboy and DJ Shabsy..

Kiss Daniel (Anidugbe Oluwatobiloba Daniel)

Kiss Daniel (Anidugbe Oluwatobiloba Daniel)

Sugarboy (Umoren AKanimoh Felix)

Sugarboy (Umoren AKanimoh Felix)

7. G-Worldwide is a Nigeria based record label..

8. G-Worldwide became public in 2014..

9. G-WorldWide breaks into the international market in 2016..

10. G-WorldWide is the second record label in Nigeria to be twitter verified.. @GWORLDWIDEENT
G-WorldWide Twitter Verified

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