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EDITORIAL: Mr 2Kay is Quietly Winning and Soaring Higher


Mr 2Kay Belema video shoot

It’s always emotional when you watch a movie that’s a true-life story where a character born into penury works his or her way to stardom against all odds. But it’s more moving when you sit down with the character to hear them tell their story.

For me, it was eye opening when I travelled last year with Mr 2kay on a tour of the neighborhood called ‘Waterside’ where he lived and struggled for years to make ends meet.
This place is a million miles away from opulence. Only the strong struggle to survive and the chances of the wisest excelling here is less than one percent. One tiny road path separates the houses on the streets. They are so close to each other, you can feel and smell the poverty from the next door.

As I walked the streets of Waterside, it was obvious they had been neglected for so long but the strength and passion I saw through the eyes of every kid and adult on the sidewalk was truly inspiring.
That same passion is what has helped 2kay breakthrough from there to becoming a powerhouse in the Nigerian music industry today.

The boy that once struggled to have a bathroom to bath, the one who took bread on credit to eat for the night and hawked kerosene to survive eventually found music and music has been good to him. From the debut of ‘Waterside Boy’ in 2011 under Grafton Records, his narrative changed and everything began to read success.

Following the impact of the single ‘Bubugaga’ in 2012, 2kay went ahead to release some of the most positive and chart wrecking songs till date. He’s not just making millions off streaming; he has also acquired a market share from the ambassadorial world as the brand ambassador for Christian brothers Brandy, touring about five south-south states in Nigeria for their activations.

Without slowing down, from hits such as ‘Count It All Joy,’ ‘Ladder’ and ‘Who No Like Better Thing’ to mention a few, 2kay is back on the charts with ‘Belema.’ This lead single off his sophomore album is quietly moving up in the charts just as Mr 2kay is quietly winning and soaring higher in the Nigerian music industry.

– Written by Sesan Adeniji.


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