Shocking Reveal From Naija Female Singer


Alero“I was aspired by guys who ask me out thereby Telling me Nyom Something through their actions”….Alero.

This is another encounter with one of Nigeria female artiste who has been making wave in recent time. It was so complicated getting to know who this super lady truly his until we had a one on one chat with her, here is what she gat to say about her self and her recent single that has been talk of the town.

1. Can we meet you ma?
My name is Alero Benard, I’m from delta state, Nigeria, I’m a singer, song-writer and a makeup artist.
I reside in Lagos; I’m a Christian and the second child of my parents

2. What type of person is Alero?
I’m a simple person, I love adventures, reading books, cooking, spending time with my loved ones. I’m a jovial type, I like making people laugh and love swimming, I also can’t do without music.

3. How did you get the lovely name Alero?
Well my parents gave the name to me, it’s actually a name given to first daughters by the Itsekeri’s, So since I like being natural I decided to go by that name.

4. Tell us how does this music journey started?
It started when I was nine years old,when I visited my aunty, I and my cousins we use to dance, and that way when I wrote my first song ever, I later joined the choir, also started doing backups for some gospel artist till I met someone who truly inspired me to do my first singles in 2012. That is how it all started.

5. For how long have you been on the music scene?
Well I will say four years now professionally

6. So what type and style of music do you do?
Well I’m a Rapper singer and I also do the Afrodance thing.

7. You have been on this music scene for long, please can you tell us the pain, gain and the challenges coming from where you wore to where you are now.

Well my major challenge has been finance because, I have the talent already but financing my self through all this hasn’t been easy at all but God has been so kind to me and talking about the gains, I’m growing stronger and I’m happy because am doing what I love the most.

8. Recently you dropped a singles that is rocking the airwave, can you tell us about it?
I just dropped a single Titled “Nyon Something”. Its actually a song for guys and girls describing how everyone want something from each other and that something could be anything. Hahaha

9. What is the inspiration behind this song?
I  was aspired by guys who admire and ask me out thereby selling me Nyom something through their actions.

10. Do you think you really can meet up with you fans expectation with this singles?
Yeah I’m sure about that because, anyone that like good music can like the song also.

11. You have received a massive support and download from fans out there, how do you intend to keep the crowd going?
Am so grateful to them for their love and support. I’m will promote it in every single way till the last person on earth hears it. If possible.

12.  You release the audio of under 18 some weeks back, any hope for the video?
Yah sure very soon, am working towards that.

13. When is the album dropping or any more singles coming soon?
Yah, sure I have a very big surprise for my fans very soon.

14.  There is much saying that if you don’t come to Lagos you can’t make it in the music industry. Could that be right?
Yah, but that is not completely true.

15.  Talking about entertainment industry in Nigeria, Do you see any improvement?
Yeah, sure. The entertainment industry is improving and am proud to say am a Nigerian.

16.  What do you think can be done to step up the Nigerian music industry?
I think the government should provide a better infrastructure for music and artist should also get royalties for album sales.

17.  The industry is filled with young and good artist which of them would you love to work with?
I would love to work with people like davido, yemi Alade, Olamide infact so many of them.

18.  Are you signed to any management deal?
Nope am not yet signed.

19.  Who is your mentor and why him/ her?
My mentor is Tiwa Salvage and I choose her because she is talented and have this attitude that I love.

 20.  How do you cope with education and music?
It’s not really easy but God has been there for me, so all I do is just create time for studying and singing.

21.  There are so many young ones who place music above education, do you think is the right thing to do.
Well, it depends on the person involve. But for me I know education is very important. So I think the right thing to do is to complete your education.

II.  How do you intend to change lives with your kind of music?
My major aim is to bring joy and happiness to the heart of anyone that listen to my song.

III.  Every artist, especially cute ones like you as a lady, how do you cope with your female artist?
Am a very simple person, so I try to be nice to everyone and like being myself when relating to every one.

IV.  Are you single or married?
I’m not married.

V.  When was your last kiss?
Hmmm I actually love kissing and I kissed my little nephew this morning that was my last kiss hahahaha.

VI.  Have you ever slapped a lady before?
I don’t think so because am not a violent person.

VII.  What is your best food?
Starch and Banga soup.( my native food)

VIII.  I had you don’t eat eba is that  true?
That is not true, I do eat eba.

IX.  Who is your crush among female art?
Tiwa Salvage

X.  Your mum or your dad?
I love both equally.

XI.  Final words for your fans
This is to my lovely fans out there I love you guys so keep supporting me and I will never let you down.

XII.  How can your fans connect with you?
Twitter: @AleroBenard
Instagram: @AleroDope
Facebook: Alero Benard


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