• Basetsana reveals reason behind memoir, Bassie: My Journey Of Hope

    Businesswoman and TV personality, Basetsana Kumalo reveals reason behind the recently launched memoir titled, Bassie: My Journey Of Hope.

    Before the memoir launch, she was interviewed by Bridget Masinga on Kaya FM and Basetsana spilled a whole lot that transpired writing a memoir.

    The businesswoman further shared her words on Instagram.

    “I was was always going to write my memoir, it was just a matter of when?
    But now, 25 years of my walk with the Lord, of Freedom, of being a public figure, and of being in business…’ I have been through a lot, faced ups and downs, and I thought: ‘Maybe somebody, someday, would be able to look at my journey of hope, and it would reignite in them the hope that they also can overcome whatever it is they are facing.”

    “Also it got to a point that people start to tell their story about you, and say things about you that aren’t true. So I thought, I’m going to take back my power and pen my truth in my own words. And it’s been like going for therapy, it’s been cathartic, liberating!”

    “There were moments when I thought ‘that’s raw, are you willing to go down that path? And my answer was always yes.’ I had to be true to me, and to be true to my voice, and to be true to my children and to those who would go buy the book… You’d only have one chance to tell your own story, so tell it right! It’s the truest account of half of my life.” Basetsana said.

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