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Waconzy Ogbono
Shortly after releasing a new hit single Ogbono, The DV8 Boss Waconzy Shares some Revelations while growing, Check it Out!

#TeamWaconzy, Here are few revelations I got while growing up. So I decided to share with y’all.

1:@waconzy: There is A difference btw helping d needy & sowing a seed. I advise u sow a seed in d life of a blessed or soon to be blessed so in return you can reap from his blessings else your giving might yield no results.

2: @waconzy. Satan can never read your heart only God had the power to. But Satan can monitor what you say and use it to work against you . It’s best you shut your mouth when making a plan. Keeping secrets will increase your chances of success.

3: @Waconzy: Ladies, why is it that most of u who are in search of husbands still form like a superstar when men talk to you? do you want to die single? It’s not a crime to be social but it’s a crime to sell your body for cheap. Be wise !

4: @Waconzy: don’t have sex with anybody u don’t want to be like. Sex with a demon, attracts demons. Sex with the poor attracts poverty. Be Warned!

5:@Waconzy: Can a poor native doctor make you rich? Can a sick native doctor treat you? Don’t be decived the power of life,money,health and death is in your mouth. PRAY TO GOD. He is waiting to help you. The best person to pray for you is yourself .

6: @waconzy. The is no such word as FREEDOM. Life is a continual battle of survival. You are only free when you die .By the way some people are alive but dead. Wake up guys. The battle never ends.

7:@Waconzy: The house you live in can determine your success level. Most Houses owned by occult men are mainly used to drain the positive energy of tenants. The best option is to move out. Trust me

8: @Waconzy: Guys the amount of sperm is ur body is same as the amount of blessings available for you to use. Sperm bring babies, babies are blessings . The more your spermatozoa you save the more your blessings. Evil doers seek the sperm of every great man to bring him down. Be wise.Don’t waste it! Use it wisely. Better still save it for your family.

9: @Waconzy: resist the devil and he will flee from you temporarily so as to plan another attack which you can only win via continual prayers. The times are bad. You gotta watch and pray 24/7. Without prayers you are as good as dead. Be on your guard 24/7. The battle is not over.

10: @waconzy. People who stay at home waiting for a miraculous phone call to make money might end up waiting in vain . You gotta go out there and socialize . A lot of miracles await you as you do so.

11: @waconzy: the most stupid man on earth is the man who let’s others control his environment for him. If You know what you want to achieve , you must control everything/everybody around you to achieve your purpose. Trust me you are the best captain of your ship . Nobody can do it better.

12: @waconzy. Don’t be fooled . Black magic / juju works . But prayers work more. Evil spells can destroy your destiny if you don’t battle continually via prayers. Don’t be among those who say nothing dey happen whereas something dey happen.

13: @Waconzy: If your enemies cannot get you physically,Dey will come 4 u in ur dreams.the worst thing u can do to yourself is not 2 pray before u sleep

14: @Waconzy: The Bible is like a spell. If u make any mistake , start again from the top of the verse and read again. Else it might not work properly.

15: @waconzy Masturbation brings very bad luck. Keep off !!

Please Use this tips wisely. Have a blessed day and don’t forget to CC / TAG /SHARE with loved ones.

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