DTV Album Review: Jus Daze – Walk Twice As Hard


Jus Daze - Walk Twice As Hard Album CoverSeasoned bowlegged battle-rap champLate Night with Jimmy Fallon guest-star, Anthony Anderson’s Mixtape Comedy Show winner, Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival performer, world-recognized freestyle champion, and inspiration to many worldwide, decided to share his journey in weight-loss, physical disability, personal strife, and music career on November 12th by dropping the auto-biographical album entitled “Walk Twice As Hard“.

Walk Twice As Hard” is a look at the life of bowlegged rapper Jus Daze, who overcame a dramatic transformation, once weighing 500 pounds and needing the assistance of canes to help him walk, to becoming more than just a man who can stand on his own two feet, but a gifted MC who truly “stands out” from the rest!

The album appeals to all “walks” of life, so to speak and has already touched the heart of many looking forward to the project, as well as those who have just found out about it!

The album guest features former WWE Intercontinental Champion MVP on the track “I Made It”. The album also features RnB singers Devo D & Lenore. Walk Twice As Hard includes production from all over the world including France, Canada, Sweden, the United States, & many more! Some contributing producers are B.illing, Subpdp, Stradivarius, Mighty Fuzz Young, Richie Beretta, Juice Beats, Larry Legend, Clipsmoke & more.

Walk Twice As Hard” is available through Bandcamp Here

or via Stream Soundcloud

WALK TWICE AS HARD YouTube Singles (previously released earlier this year)

Superman’s Dead via YouTube

Andy Dufresne (Ambition) via YouTube

Comfort of Comforters via YouTube

Jus Daze - Walk Twice As Hard Tracklist

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