DTV Bytes: How to Ask Rich People for Money


Ask Rich People for Money
1.Go to Forbes or a similar website and look through the lists of richest people.
It may be useful to select lists based on proximity or shared language. Write down the full names of as many people as you would like to contact as well as the names of the companies they work for (if applicable).

2.Collect mailing addresses.
Most wealthy, powerful people keep their private contact information unlisted for obvious reasons. Your best bet is to write to them “care of” their business headquarters. Ex. to write to Bill Gates, address your letter to “William Gates, Chairman, c/o Microsoft Corporation” etc.
One exception might be if you live in (or know someone who lives in LA). Celebrity houses are often featured in bus tours, making their addresses easier to pinpoint.

3.Type a letter explaining why you would like $100.
(If you want to push your luck, ask for any amount up to $1000.) Don’t feed them lies about your kid cousin’s surgical operation or anything; that would constitute fraud. Tell the truth. When you write your letter, try to be sincere and polite.
Alternately, make your letter funny. If you get this guy or gal to laugh, you’re in.

4.Edit the note until you think it is perfect.
Give it to a friend to look over and edit; it’s important to get a fresh perspective.

5.Copy or print the letter as many times as needed.
Photocopying is cheaper, but personalizing each letter is more likely to get you results. If you have a program that can do mail merges, enter the names and addresses into a database and do a mail merge.

6.Put your letters in addressed, stamped envelopes.
You will mail these to the millionaires, so write their addresses on the front. Don’t forget a return address!

7.Send them and wait.
You should start getting some money in the mail soon. Obviously, not all of the people you sent your letter to are going to be nice enough to send you money, but even if you mailed a hundred people and only three sent you $100, you’ll have made money!

8.Collect the money.
Now that you have the money, you can do one of three things:
You can save the money.
You can invest it to try to make more money.
If you got a check signed by someone whose autograph is worth something, you can auction it online.
(Only do this if it doesn’t conflict with anything you stated/promised in your letter.)


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