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Body Odour
Bad body odor is the unpleasant problem many people face as their major challenge, body odor can affect self confidence and self esteem, many things leads to body odor while some are natural from birth.

Causes of Body Odor
•Over Sweating
•Dirty Cloths
•Not taking daily bath
•Dirty Foots…Etc

• Shower twice daily to keep away the body odor.
• Wear clean cloths and always wash regularly.
• Always go with extra cloth in case you are going far away from home to avoid wearing same cloth twice, wish can lead to body odor.
• Limit your consumption of spicy foods, such as curry or garlic, because they can make your sweat smell. Evidence also suggests that eating a lot of red meat tends to make body odor worse.
• Use a deodorant or an antiperspirant after bathing or showering.

In case you have chronic body odor or yours is natural from birth try:
Vinegar and Aluminum Chloride.

1) Vinegar: it kills bacteria, the real cause of body odor, Soak your feet in vinegar and water, and spray your underarms with straight vinegar before applying deodorant Try vinegar to combat the problem
You may be surprised, but apply vinegar on your armpits before sleeping at night and let it dry naturally. Wash it off the next morning. Applying apple cider on your armpits can also help solve the problem of excessive sweating gradually.

2) Aluminum Chloride: is the active ingredient in most antiperspirants. It helps prevent production of sweat, apply aluminum chloride every night before bed time and wash off in the morning to help stop sweat while you at sleep,
If the above self care advice does not improve your body odor, you may need a stronger antiperspirant, ask your pharmacist for better advice and recommendation.

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