DTV Bytes: How to Make-up and Dress When going on a Date


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Always look good anytime you are going on date “most especially for the first time, try to look your self and wear what is appropriate regardless of the occasion or activity, beauty in the eyes of the lord, your dressing can make him confuse either “wrong”or”right” I’ll advice you wear it right because first approach and appearance last for long, people are easily judge by their appearance.

1 On your special date, look radiant with foundation applied in the right way, in dots.

2 Say you love him, with your eyes apply eye shadows by starting with base close to the lash line, don’t use makeup shades to match your clothes, go for colors that suit you, using neutral, smudgy colors will flatter your face.

3 When applying makeup for your date, don’t forget to hide your blemishes and dark circles with a concealer.

4 Hide your wrinkles on your special date by using a micro-derm-abrasion kit.

5 You may plan for a short date but later turn out to become a long one, so get your self ready by applying translucent powder over foundation, so that foundation stays for a longer time.

6 Don’t lick your lips to moisturize them. Use a lip balm and be kiss ready on your date.

7 Blush with love with blush-on applied on the apples of your cheeks in an upward direction beneath the iris of the eye.

8 Brush your hair or style it depending on your hair type, just make it look attractive but if you are getting late for your date and need to brush your hair while it is wet, use a wide toothed comb and not a brush.

9 If your hair is thin and limp, don’t over condition your hair right before you go out for a date. It will make them look even thinner.

10 Don’t dress casual when going on a date most especially a first time date,
wear sexy and attractive dress but not too expose nor too cover.

11 Wear nice perfume with good loving aroma, roll-on on the under harm is good it reduce sweat, odor from the harm pith.

Note tips are base on professional experience and research.
Tips by sawdiq wealthcom @Swagdiq
Fitness trainer, wellness specialist, massage and beauty therapist.

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