DTV Bytes: MakeUp Tips


Makeup is a set of cosmetics that are applied to the face to develop or transform someone’s appearance makeup is made up of several different ingredients, include castor oil, dyes,minerals, wax etc.

Makeup like lipstick and eyeliner can make a woman appear more attractive, so many women find it difficult to believe. Sawdiq-Wealthcom is guy because of the wonderful range of make-ups i wear on my clients, many women just make-up but have little knowledge about the makeup that best suit their face depending on the kind of the season and weather.



1.Wash your entire face first, if possible scrub with exfoliator.

2. Apply foundation first, squeeze some amount on your hand and dab dot on to your chin, nose and forehead, then use your hand or puffer to blend it gently across your face and neck.

3. Trim and shape your eyebrow if necessary, eyeliner should be applied close to the base of the eyelashes to make them look thicker, try a brown one a soft pencil is easier to manage.

4. Applying mascara to the bottom lashes is not necessary and only draws attention to dark circles and wrinkles below the eye area.

5. Don’t use makeup shades to match your clothes, go for colors that suit you, using neutral, smudgy colors will flatter your face.

6. Use a concealer where you need it, dot the concealer on the area, gently pat it into the skin with your ring finger and blend if needed.

7. Apply compact face powder and spread all over the face gently, avoid apply much powder on one area than the other, make it rhyme by blending it until you get a desire result, do the same all over the neck to avoid making you look like you are wearing a mask with a dark neck and a pale face.

8. Choose a desire lip stick color and apply little face powder on the lips, it is said to helpful in making lipsticks last longer and prevent bleeding of lipstick.

Wash off your face makeup at night before going to bed with a cleanser that suits your skin. Select your cleanser depending upon your skin type but
try herbal make up removers this season of love and avoid commercial removers that dry out your skin, going to bed with makeup can cause acne on the face.

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