• Mc Casmir promises the best experience at Party with Casmir

    After staging his very first party at Wave Lounge a year ago, Urban TV’s Mc Casmir is back with the second edition of his massive and exceptional experience but at a different venue, Rock Bar at Speke Hotel.

    Dubbed ‘Party with Casmir’ the event which targets mainly campus students is themed ‘Get Loose’ and is aimed at advocating and teaching the youth to live within their means and not be fooled by lifestyles they can’t afford.

    While addressing journalists at Rock Bar, Mc Casmir promised an experience never seen before. 

    The event will also have several activities and performances from Mcees, Comedians, deejays, like Dj Crim, Sheila Saltoft, Karole Kasita, Dj Cisse, Mc Mariachi, Big Tril, Toniks among others.

    Mc Casmir has been rehearsing for the previous 1 month. “I have been rehearsing for the past month because I want to give you an experience that you have never had before. My show will not be an ordinary show. Expect something bigger come saturday.” Casmir told the media.

    ‘Party with Casmir’ is happening this Saturday at Rock Bar in the heart of the city. 

    The party is going down this saturday at Rock Bar and tax will be 10K and 300K for VIP and a table that comes with a bottle of Jameson respectively. Gates will be open at 5PM. Make sure to turn up

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