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Nigerian Artistes, 2Sec called out over Intellectual property theft


Nigerian Artistes, 2Sec called out over Intellectual property theft

Nigerian twin singers, Onyisi and Agi popularly known as 2Sec might be facing a law suit as they have been accused of Intellectual property theft.

The twin is under fire for using unauthorized media materials belonging to Enugu state cultural troupers on their new video “Dance“.

The group revealed to Pitakwa360 that they didn’t give them the permission to use the said materials, they explained that the twin 2Sec initially approached them at an event in Delta state asking for them to perform in their music video.

The troupe explained that they are governed by the ministry of Culture and Tourism Enugu State and as such they can only perform if they meet the criteria and also pay a performance fee of N150,000. 2Sec’s manager offered them N10,000 and they refused saying the money goes to the ministry and not them.

They didn’t seal a deal so the troupe went on to perform, 2Sec came in to dance with them and sprayed some money on them.

2Sec came with a cameraman who shot the scene while they were dancing without the troupers knowledge or permission, only for them to see themselves on the new music video released by the twin.

2Sec dancing with Enugu State Cultural Troupe

The troupe have since asked them to take the video down as it infringes their right or pay the sum of N150,000 to the account of the ministry of Culture and Tourism Enugu State.

2Sec New Video “Dance”

2Sec and their manager have deliberately refused to adhere to the conditions given to them by the troupe, hence the recent development. The troupe is telling them to take the video down or pay the ministry, failure to do so they will face the consequences of their actions.

Check out the excerpts and screenshots of the chats below:

Now the Nigerian artiste by the name @2sectwinofficial, hail from Onicha Ugbo delta state. Precisely may 4th our king did his 2oth coronation anniversary and I happen to be one of the wife’s close friend from tender age so I decided to take a cultural troupe down to delta to perform for the coronation anniversary. These twin their father happened to be the chairman planning committee of the celebration and the artist come they twins. And I work with ministry of culture and tourism Enugu State so I took the state troupe to perform there and these twin sent their manager to tell our president that theyould want us to dance for their music video which we refused because the honourable commissioner for culture and tourism Enugu State was not informed and thereby I personally don’t want a case that it will see as if we went to do a video shoot without pay the SIM of 150k to the ministry. Their manager offered 10k which our president refused. Now they didn’t know I know them personally and we both follow ourselves on instagram.
Now they came and danced with us and said they are coming to spray the dancers money and then after few minutes we just saw a video man taking record of the event… It was a big celebration so we thought it was one of the eves camera men and so they came into our midst and they were dancing and the video man was recording….. And the dancers were just having fun doing this performance which they came to do.
Only for me to go on instagram yesterday night at around 1am and then saw a video on their page which they wrote… Our new hit Dance… The video and I saw the state troupe in their video.
In fact the state troupe was the point of attraction in their videos
Now we were playing our own normal beats with he enugu local drums, but then edited in a way that they either reduce the speed of your dance and made it to rhyme with their video.
To the extent they mentioned Enugu State name in it as if to make it look like we gave them consent to video.
I commented and asked them to message me as soon as possible.Then they called and told me to do my worse, As I’m talking to u now these dancers are scared because they might be queried and me myself might go in for it.
I screenshot as I was typing, Then they called me and the manager was blowing lie and he said I should do my worst.
Then the next thing I saw was that they unfollowed me and then they made their page private.
I told them to pay the normal performance fee which is 150k into the ministry account not mine dem no gree. I commented and even my friend who traveled with me and they kept on deleting the comments.

Nigerian Artistes, 2Sec called out over Intellectual property theft

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