• Violent Winnie Nwagi   Reportedly Thumps Her Maid Like Chicken Thief

    Singer Winnie Nwagi is of the most talented female artistes with stinky behaviour. She is arrogant and often times, she collides with her bosses, fellow musicians and journalists.

    A voice note landed in the hands of media in which a maid explains how she was thumped by the singer yet she was sick. 

    Winnie Nwagi blamed the maid for taking longer time at the clinic where she had gone for check up.

    The singer gave Shs 50,000 to her maid for medical checkup at the near by clinic. She expected her to return home by 6:30pm but the maid took longer than the agreed time.

    She then ordered her to take selfies with the doctor to prove she was still at the clinic which she didn’t do.

    When she reached home,  the singer pounced on her like an angry lion and hit her several times with a liquor bottle.

    She also ordered her to  move out of her home in the late hours of the night.

    The maid reported Winnie Nwagi to police for assault but she was allegedly told that the singer is a violent  person and they are tired of cases.

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