• Watch: Inside Bontle Modiselle’s surprise baby shower

    Bontle Modiselle’s season is upon us; from announcing her pregnancy to traditional wedding with Priddy Ugly and now she recently got a surprise baby shower.

    The surprise baby shower was organized by her husband, Priddy and siblings.

    “Showered with surprising blessings is the very least I could say. I never fall short of tears, and I’ll sign up any day to have such reasons to shed the happiest ones,” Bontle said.

    Priddy also said:

    “Throwing a Baby Shower & keeping the secret from my wife was tricky, but the experience was beautiful. A BIG ‘Thank You’ to my sisters @refilwemodiselle & @candicemodiselle for your support.
    Thanks to all the special people that attended & showered us & our baby with gifts.”

    A video clip of the preparation down to the main event and her reaction to the surprise was shared on Instagram.

    Check out the video below:

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